Our wetland project 


Eufaula Wetland Park is an interpretive urban stormwater wetland in Eufaula, Oklahoma. This wetland creation project is designed to provide opportunities for the public to experience wetlands and learn about the benefits of wetland ecosystems. Eufaula Wetland Park was developed as a collaborative project with many local, state, and federal partners.   

Why a Wetland Park?

The wetland at Eufaula Wetland Park lets the visitor see firsthand the critical role this vanishing ecosystem plays in helping to clean our water...

Our Partners


More than a dozen organizations and entities - national, federal, state and local - have joined forces to create Eufaula Wetland Park

Eufaula EAST 2018-09-25.JPG


Our Wetland Park is currently providing numerous avenues of education, including opportunities for local students to learn and help. 

Eufaula Wetland Park

108 Pine Ave, Eufaula, OK 74432


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