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Our Partners


When we hear the word partner, it usually makes us feel like we are “part” of something good.  Partnerships give us that same feeling, a feeling of strength, belonging and new friendships.  Bringing together people with different backgrounds, skill sets and talents will always result in a better product.

When Team Up to Cleanup(TUCU) and Save Our Water(SOW), two non-profits with an all-volunteer staff, decided to create a wetland where people could come to and witness first-hand how a natural process can filter and clean water, we knew we couldn’t do it without partners.  Little did we know how this would all turnout!

Partners with the authority to allow development on their property, Partners with the authority to approve the infrastructure on land they lease, Partners who would provide funding for feasibility studies, Partners who own property “next door” to the location, Partners who agree with your idea and are willing to commit funds, Partners who are willing to donate their professional talents, and Partners who will eventually enjoy this park.

TUCU and SOW always have and always will support programs and projects that provide environmental education to interested public.


Below is a list of organizations & individuals who contributed funding for this project.

-Oklahoma Conservation Commission

-Oklahoma Water Resources Board

-USDA Community Grant

-National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

-Smith Family Foundation

-Arvest Bank, Eufaula

-Walton Foundation

-Tim Whitt Family

-Gelvin Foundation

Many others donated countless hours volunteering their labor and talents toward this partnership effort.

The logos of our Wetland Park project are shown on this page. More information about our partners can be found here.

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